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Eat at Joe's

Good food. Good beer. Cheap beds.

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Hey. I'm Joe, and I'll be your tender here at my tavern Joe's. Yeah, I know, not the most original name, but there's something special about this place. Something no flashy name could even begin to describe.

Here at Joe's, we get a wide range of people coming in, at all hours of the day, from all over. And when I say all over, I mean all over.

You see, the door here at Joe's is a little special. Special enough that it can randomly grab just about any unsuspecting patron no matter their location, timeline, or even universe, and plop them down here, smack dab into my pub.

Most people immediately go into the "Why"s and the "How"s, but eventually they get the picture. That's not what this place is about. What it is about, is sitting down, having a pint or two, and coming face to face with the unexpected.

Oh, and while you're here, you might as well try the House Special.

Game Setting and Rules

This community is essentialy a modified version of Tales from the Floating Vagabond RPG. The tender is an NPC named Joe, and you can assume he's pretty ugly, with rough slurred speech, and yet, still pretty charismatic. However, if a fight breaks out -- you're on your own. He'll just step aside and watch, or just go on tending to his customers.

The first time characters arrive at Joe's, it's quite unexpected: characters who try to enter their own local bar or tarvern are transported across time and space into Joe's with little warning. Most deal with it by ordering a long line of fairly strong drinks. Once a character leaves Joe's, it's always easy to return: they need only to visit a marked stall, which they seemingly never noticed before in the bathrooms of their own local bar or tavern. They go in, close the door...and perhaps with some cosmic-y flash of light, are transported to one of the stalls at Joe's.


There aren't many...

1. To join the community, simply visit the userinfo page and add the various characters you want to be able to stop by.

2. Multiple players of the same character are allowed, and often, encouraged. This game plays on the fact that anyone from any time, or universe, can be dropped in, so a character can very much interact with another version of himself, or of his companions from a different universe.

3. This is an adult roleplay, so sex and colorful language is allowed, but please use them both with consideration for your other players. This is intended to be an "anything goes" RPG, with little plot, and much fun-having, but if you're doing something that winds up being rude to the players themselves...we can ban you.

If, for any reason, you need to contact one of the mods of the game, our information is as follows:


Email: letyouchoosetheblue(a)hotmail.com
AIM: jeanxskirt