Ginny Weasley (ginny_tonic) wrote in happy_hour,
Ginny Weasley

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*slumps in the corner*

Thinking to myself:

I wonder how many other dimensions lead away from this place? I wonder if one of them wouldn't mind an extra Ginny. I wonder if any of them has Harry and Draco, getting along...kissing...I want to go home, home to the Burrow. Home to my family. School's only just started and already I can't stand it. I remember how badly I wanted to go to Hogwarts during Ron's first year. I was the only kid in the house, missing out on all the excitment. Of course I got my fair share of excitment in my first year. But Harry and my brothers were always there for I feel like I'm on my own.

*lies down along the bench and just watches everyone pass me by while the world...and many different worlds, continue*
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